Write a great

research proposal!

Do you:

► need to write a PhD or post-doc proposal?

► don't know where to start?

► feel overwhelmed by the lack of progress?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions…

You’ll love our new webinar!

Proposal fundamentals

Learn about the key elements of a research proposal.

Research Planning & Questions

Learn to plan your work considering the uncertainty of research, generate ideas and research questions.

Novelty and hypothesis

Learn to express your research novelty in a crisp manner.

What we included in the webinar package?

We believe that acting on your learning is what gives you the results.

That's why we're giving you more than just a webinar!

Have a look at the action-based activities we've got prepared for you. And that's on the top of the webinar!

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What do we know about research proposals?

When I started my PhD application, I eagerly filled in all relevant information based on my past education and experience. It went smoothly until I stumbled upon the part that asked me to upload my research proposal. I had no idea how to write one. I had never been taught how to write a research proposal before deciding to apply for my PhD and pursue an academic career. All I knew at that time was that it needs to present original ideas that will advance my selected field of study. Does it sound familiar?

The first thing I did was a quick Google search using the following term: “how to write a PhD proposal”. Having reviewed tens of webpages, I managed to come up with a structure for my proposal and had some idea about the key content I need to include. I’ve spent weeks reading the literature to identify exciting research questions, formulate hypotheses, design research methods, and eventually draft my research proposal. And it paid off – I got my PhD position!

My experience in developing research proposals gathered through years spent in academia has taught me one thing – the key to writing a successful research proposal is a crystal clear research idea that will advance your research field! I understand that generating ground-breaking and transformative ideas is hard and doesn’t happen overnight. However, I want to share the approach I have developed as an academic to help you develop your research proposals.

In the webinar How to write a successful research proposal, I’m going to share the tools I use on a daily basis to identify exciting research questions and formulate research ideas. I’ll also tell you how you can express your novelty in a crisp manner and how you can plan your work considering the uncertainty of research.

Let’s get started.

Dr Dawid Hanak, Academic Coach