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Viva process and requirements

Learn about process of the exam and all requirements you must meet to become a PhD.

Efficient preparations

Learn how to prepare for your viva and get access to ebook 150 PhD viva questions.

Manage stress

Learn to manage your stress and enjoy the process!

What we included in the webinar package?

We believe that acting on your learning is what gives you the results.

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Dr Dawid Hanak, Academic Coach

How to prepare for a PhD (or any!) viva?

I remember the excitement I felt when I handed it three copies of my PhD thesis. I felt proud and relieved. But then I remembered that I still have to pass my viva examination to get my doctorate. I was anxious.

I started my preparations immediately and set myself a clear goal – I wanted to prove to myself that I can pass my viva without corrections. And you know what? I did it! You may wonder how did I do this? The answer is simple – the key is in both understanding the process and being well prepared. I went through a thorough preparation process that helped me know my thesis and the broader research area inside-out.

I understand that you may feel anxious or worried about your viva exam too. And you know what? It’s completely normal! I was there myself! Now that I’ve been supervising and examining PhD theses in the UK and Italy, I want to share my reflections as an academic and examiner to give back and help you pass your viva with flying colours!

In the webinar “How to prepare for a PhD viva”, I’m going to share the tools and frameworks I’ve used to prepare for my PhD. I’ll supplement these tools with my expertise and reflections as a PhD examiner to help you understand what the requirements are to pass PhD viva, what the examiners are looking for and how you can enjoy the discussion!

Let’s get started!

Dr Dawid Hanak